Washington D.C.

Took a day to stroll through the streets of the nation’s capital. The monuments are not as close as they seem when looking at them on a map but we managed to make our way around to as many as we could. The White House was not as big as I expected it to be. My favorite is the MLK Memorial Statue, very detailed and grand. Be sure to bring your walking shoes and take it all in.

Sporting Events

Made my way to Nationals Park to watch a game. The area around it was still being built so it wasn’t the coolest experience ever. The Capitals game was a big time fun event. I don’t follow hockey much but the atmosphere is so contagious that you feel like you’re right in the play every time. The Wizards sucked at the time I went to their game. The experience during games in Capital One are saved because I love the chicken tenders from the “TLC: Tenders, Love, & Chicken” food stand in the arena.

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