Jacksonville, FL

Georgia/Florida Game

The craziest tailgating experience I’ve ever seen. I don’t really go to big time college football games so this was very cool to see. I lucked up on scoring some tickets from a co-worker and got to hang with her friends at the tailgate and during the game. No matter if you have tickets to the game or not, the tailgating experience is well worth the trip.

Where To Eat/Drink

Strings Sports Brewery – @stringssportsbrewery

One of the most unique breweries I’ve been to. THEY HAVE A MINI BASKETBALL COURT IN THERE! I won’t lie, I was sold from the moment I walked in. Luckily it wasn’t too crowded in there and I was able to shoot as much hoops as I wanted to. But if you’re asking about the food/beer, yea yea that was cool too. The establishment was fairly new when I went so they didn’t have flights (yet). That was a bit of a bummer but I still feel like the beers offered were very unique.

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