Colorado Springs, CO

What To Do

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods Park is a public park located in Colorado Springs.  It was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1971.  This is one of the most incredible places to take in nature that I’ve seen.  Take a day or half of a day to go out to the park and hike the many paths and rocks to gain awesome viewpoints throughout.  Before my hike, I took a jeep tour through the park to hear some background on the site (and to make sure there weren’t any snakes).  They also offer bike, segway, & trolley tours to gain extra information on the history and sites in the park.

Manitou Springs

A small hippie town located 15 minutes from downtown Colorado Springs (just outside of Garden of the Gods).  Take a water bottle with you and check out the natural mineral spring water that flows through the city.  Manitou has tons of shopping and history throughout to explore.  There’s also the famous Manitou Incline that challenges the average person’s physical as well as mental ability to finish.  The Manitou Incline is a steep trail calculating at about 2,700 steps and takes about 30 minutes to over an hour to complete on average.

What I Ate

Over Easy

As a fan of breakfast food, I very much liked this place.  I chose to go safe with the 3 egg scramble but this menu has a small yet unique range of delicious looking options.  If you’re into bloody mary’s, this is the place for you (or so I’ve heard).  I’m not a fan myself but they offer a create your own bloody mary that seemed to be pretty popular.

Brewer’s Republic – @brewersrepublic

Cool tap house located downtown just off the main strip.  Great selection of beer and some surprisingly good food for a bar.

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