Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas

What To Do

The Roller Coaster @ New York, New York

Not the most dangerous thing you’ll ever do but it’s definitely worth the experience at least once.


If you’ve never been to TopGolf, you’ll love your first time visit.  If you’ve been to TopGolf before, you’ll love your visit.  This location boasts a swimming pool, dance floor, several big screens, and of course a nice view of the strip as you hack golf balls with friends.

Party Party Party

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that Vegas is made for partying but here a few of my fav spots that I’ve been to.  XS Nightclub is located in the Wynn Hotel on the strip, this is one of the most unique clubs in Vegas.  The indoor/outdoor theme makes for a fun night especially if the weather is cooperative.  If the weather is really nice I would suggest you make your way to a day party at the Wet Republic in the MGM.  The OMNIA Nightclub in Caesars Palace is a cool one, lots of flashing lights and a huge lighted ring in the center that expands and retracts overhead.

Tip:  Find a promoter that will tell you what’s going on while you’re in town and they’ll put you on the guest list for free.  Usually means you need to arrive earlier but hey it’s free.  Never pay anyone to do this though, promoters are not to take money but it’s ok to tip.  A legit promoter I’ve used for years is Matt Hunke.  Just text him at 702-409-2955 and say “hey, i’m in town for ___ days and I need some clubs to hit”.  He’ll text you back ASAP with the details.  He’s very efficient and gets you on your way to enjoy your day without worrying about planning.

NBA Summer League

In the summer, we ball.  Ok maybe not “us” but the NBA definitely does.  For $35, you can watch up to 10 basketball games in one day between the Cox Pavilion and Thomas & Mack Center.  This is my favorite time to visit Vegas.  As the summer heat beats down outside, you get first dibs on watching the future of the NBA take the court live and up close.

What I Ate

Eggslut – @eggslut

If you’re balling on a budget and feeling risky, trek on over to the Cosmopolitan and enjoy some very unique & delicious breakfast sandwiches.  Burgers are also on the menu but the breakfast sandwiches are the star here.


Buffet Buffet Buffet

On my very first visit to Vegas, we had no clue where to eat.  We were staying in Planet Hollywood and stumbled across a sign that said 24 hour buffet $49.  Clutch Clutch Clutch.  For $49.99 you have 24 hours to eat as much as you want in one of the 7 buffets listed.  At the time, it was Planet Hollywood, Paris, Harrah’s, Rio, Bally’s, Flamingo, and the highlight of them all Caesar’s Palace.  This is a great deal in my opinion and if you’re gonna be on the move all day why not take the freedom of being able to pop in and try something new.  The cool thing is that each buffet has it’s own theme which prevents finding the same food at each location.

Stage Door Casino

HIDDEN GEM ALERT!! Located directly behind the Flamingo hotel just off the strip, this true hole in the wall bar has the best bar prices on the strip hands down.  I’m talking $2 Coronas, $3 Jager, $4 Crown, $5 Patron, etc. Very easy to miss if you’re caught in the lights but once you discover it you’ll never overpay for another drink in Vegas ever.  Ask for Mommy Sa, and tell her to make you a “green tea”.  You’re welcome.


Ellis Island

After you’re loaded up at the bar, make your way to Ellis Island to continue your saving spree.  The $10 steak dinner may not sound like a home run as you read this but as a living witness I can assure you it is.  You’re gonna have to venture off the strip a little further to find it but it’s worth the try.

Sites To See

Fountains of Bellagio

Cuz it’s the tourist thing to do.

Rooftop View @ Voodoo Lounge

During my stay at the Rio Hotel, we took a night to hang at this rooftop lounge that has the best view of the entire Vegas strip at night.

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