Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles

What To Do

Broad Museum

Cool museum to visit even if you’re not a big art person.  Be sure to take a picture with the big a** table.  Very fun.  Best part, you guessed it, it’s free!  It’s better to sign up for an entry time online ahead of time.

What I Ate

The Original Pantry Cafe’

This is place is so 24 hours, they don’t even have locks on the front doors.  Small and central in location, so it’ll be hard to find a time when it’s not packed.  But if you’re willing to wait it out, they’re willing to serve you generous portions of your fav breakfast food.


Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles

Pretty touristy spot to eat but you’re not gonna pass up on it are you??


Randy’s Donuts

Not the greatest donut I’ve ever had, but with a menu as unique as theirs I’m sure you can find one that tickles the fancy.


Sites To See

Hollywood Walk of Fame

LA… touristy spot… Seeing a trend here?  Take a pic with your favorite celebs star of honor.

Santa Monica Pier

Take a day and hang at the pier.  Tons of stuff to do.. Rent a bike, ride the ferris wheel, visit the aquarium, or just take in the LA sun on the coast.


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