Chicago, IL

What To Do

Catch A Foul Ball!

Anytime a city has more than one major sports team in one sport, it’s a good thing! Or is it??  The Chicago Cubs possess one of the most historic ballparks in the nation while the Chicago White Sox…well they don’t.  Either way, whether you’re on the Northside (Cubs) or Southside (White Sox), take in the cult like following of each club.

Catch A Play!

I was once stuck in Chicago overnight waiting for the first flight home in the morning.  I didn’t want to stay in the airport the entire time so I chose to hit the town.  Luckily, their public transit system runs very late into the night.  I caught “Motown: The Musical” at the Oriental Theatre.

What I Ate

Deep Dish Pizza – Lou Malnati’s vs Giordano’s

Any time a city is known for a certain type of food, there is always a debate about which restaurant makes that food the best. In Chicago, deep dish pizza is king and there are two pillars in the running for best in town: Giordano’s & Lou Malnati’s. I personally prefer Giordano’s but Lou Malnati’s definitely doesn’t slack. It’s always good to try both places (not on the same day) and see for your own rather than take my opinion as law. Often times, there are many other local spots that don’t have the nation wide popularity but hold respect in town.. Visit those too!

Portillo’s Hot Dogs – @portilloshotdogs

Chicago’s touristy attraction for a variety of hot dogs.  Very cool environment.

Sites To See

Millennium Bean (Millennium Park)

Jordan Statue (United Center)

The Greatest of All-Time.  The statue of all statues.


SkyDeck – Willis Tower

Cuz it’s the tourist thing to do.

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  1. I been to Chicago before. I visited the Art Institute, The Bean, A boat tour, and of course having pizza. It was an extended family trip- so hanging out with cousins was a huge part of that particular trip.

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