Anchorage, AK



What To Eat

Humpy’s Great Alaskan Alehouse – @humpysalaska

This is a must try! The Halibut is phenomenal! I don’t even use the word phenomenal but that’s the word I’m using to describe this here. Didn’t get into the beer much, which they are known for as well, because we had a flight to work later in the day but will definitely indulge during my next visit.

49th State Brewing – @49thstatebrewing

I liked this place so much the first visit that I made it a “must” the second time around. I love my brewery and flights! The food selection is pretty cool and a little hit/miss on taste but it’s all on your taste buds and what you favor. If you go during the summer months, you can take advantage of the late, late sunsets. As you sit on the balconies outside, you’ll notice that Alaska will have daylight up until 11:30/midnight. I like the vibe of this spot and highly recommend to anyone who visits.

Snow City Cafe – @snowcitycafe

I came upon this spot due to the recommendation of my co-workers. It’s not the worst food ever but it’ll leave you wondering what the hype is all about. The crowd can get pretty big in a hurry. I recommend going a little in the morning to beat the rush, but if it’s too packed when you get there don’t sweat picking another spot. Menu has some unique offerings like reindeer sausage (pictured below).

What To Do

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center – @akwildlife

If you rent a car in Anchorage, be sure to set out some time to visit the Conservation Center in neighboring Girdwood, AK. Unlike a zoo, the conservation center is more centered toward the preservation of the wildlife and allowing them to live in as close to normal life in the wild as possible. The fee to enter the gate is based how many people are in your vehicle upon entering which shouldn’t be more than $15 pp. Once you enter there are many breathtaking views of nature to take in. It’s not the largest conservation center you’ll ever see but it does have a lot to offer. Shouldn’t take your group more than 4 hours to make all the way through.

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

If you’re into nature and looking for a healthy alternative to hiking, take a bike ride along the Tony Knowles trail. There’s a bike shop just at the top of the hill near the beginning of the trail that offers great prices to rent a bike for a couple hours. The trail is pretty huge in entirety but if you’re looking a quick sight-seeing tour you can just bike for an hour and U-turn back to the shop.

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