Seattle, WA

What To See

Space Needle

Cool story, the first time I went to Seattle I walked up to the Space Needle just to take pictures of it and site see. A man and his son walked by and noticed me taking pictures and asked, “Hey you want tickets to go up?”. My first answer was “nah I’m good” because I didn’t know what the catch was and I want to pay for them and they end up counterfeit. But he insisted that they were free and he never had to redeem them when they went to the top, so I thought sure why not. I took the tickets and in fact they led me to the top of the needle which serves as a great viewpoint for the downtown area of Seattle.

Pike Place Market

Popular tourist attraction. Be sure to catch a visual of someone buying a fish and catching a wild 10-20 foot toss to seal the deal. Pretty cool market that houses some unique seafood options.

Gum Wall

Hidden gem is not exactly a correct term to use when describing this alley but if you don’t know about it you’d totally miss it. The gum wall is an alley located down a stairwell under the center point of the Pike Place Market. Gum has been collected this alley for over 20 years now and somehow it serves as a masterpiece of a landmark.

What To Eat

Beth’s Cafe

Very small, quaint hole in the wall spot. Heard about this place on “Man vs. Food” so I “had to” check it out. The host, Adam Richman, attempted to eat the 12 egg omelette but I chose to settle for the 6 egg omelette instead. The 6 egg omelette was still WAYY too much food for me to handle. I only ended up eating about half which is about the right amount for a normal serving at IHOP or any normal breakfast spot.

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